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Three years ago, my cousin went to a party and he was gunned down. This was so terrible since he is a really good guy that is not even the kind to hang out much. He was convinced to head out with a few friends and he ended up losing his life. The sad thing is the fact that the person who is responsi...
I Think That The Trial Was Flawed
While I love running my own business, things do not always go as smoothly as I would like. No matter how much time and attention my staff and I put into our work, there will always be a disgruntled customer with an axe to grind. Sadly, such incidents sometimes result in lawsuits which must be handle...
My Business Litigation Experience
A few months ago I started looking for a restaurant to purchase and I found a great place right away. Everyone told me that I needed to be a bit more careful than I was, but I ignored them and pretty much did whatever I wanted. I am now the owner of a restaurant and I believe that I was swindled int...
I Am Having Issues With A Business Sale

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