Business Law

Our business lawyers are skilled, well trained, and experienced in all aspects of business law and litigation. You are in good hands when you choose us to represent you. To date, we have helped more than 70 businesses deal with their legal issues and avoid the many pitfalls that can come with improper handling of legal issues.

There are several services that we offer to clients. Below are some of the legal services that our business law firm can help you address:

Civil litigation

Civil litigation deals with issues such as service and supply contract breaches, purchase and sale contract breaches, trade secrets, shareholder and partner disputes, fraud etc. A business law firm can provide representations to clients in all forum of dispute resolution, including arbitration, jury trials and mediation.

Construction law

Our business law firm can offer their services to those dealing with aspects of construction law including bid protests, contract review, negotiation through project assistance, prevailing wages and labor disputes, business formation and licensing.

Corporate and business

Our business lawyers can help you in commercial transactions such as manufacturing and supplier agreements, entity formation and infrastructure, merger and acquisitions.

Estate planning, trust, and probate

Some of the things that our firm deals with under estate planning, trust and probate include issues dealing with inheritance, assets and health care decisions, etc.

Intellectual property

When it comes to intellectual property issues, our business attorneys can help in litigation issues such as unfair competition, trade secret, patent and other related cases. The law firm can also provide assistance for your technology transactions such as manufacturing, licensing, development, and distribution agreement.

Labor and employment

Our law firm can represent clients in all aspects of employment law including defending employment discrimination, unfair completion, wrongful termination, sexual harassment and other related issues. They can also help in labor relation issues such as organizing union campaign, terminating union contract etc.

As a business law firm, we also provide legal assistance when it comes to real estate issues such as commercial leasing, property purchase, etc.